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About Millwheels / Grindstones

Millstones were originally, and still are, used for crushing grain etc to make flour. They were made from Millstone grit or hard Sandstones and hand carved with slots fit for their purpose. Some were made from Granite also and new versions are still produced. The Millstones come individually formed for their use and so vary in size and thickness although most are round. Some were so large that they had to be turned by horses. A millwheel is usually a water wheel fitted on to the side of a mill, turned by water which in turn operates the machinery of the mill. Grindstones are also round stone wheels and are used in a frame with a handle on so they can be turned in order to sharpen axes and other tools. Sometimes they can be rigged up to turn by belt and machine. All these wheels make superb features or water features and some are very old and have some history.