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About Granite / Marble / Basalt

Natural stone has been used for centuries for building and for utility products, not least for tables, benches, chairs and general seating.Garden furniture in stone is unrivalled in it's durability and Granite, Marble, Basalt, and Sandstone are the main types of material used and we have a large selection available. Rainbow sandstone for garden furniture, is a very colourful material, the tables and benches are stunning and will make a statement in your home or garden. Granite and basalt, much harder, is the more traditional material used for garden furniture and we stock round, oval, square or oblong tables and straight or curved benches. Our Marble tables are usually round and we have straight benches and also stools which can also be used as plinths for a statue or ornament. We produce Yorkstone benches from reclaimed stone and have large flat stone pieces which can be used to make your own tables. Please contact us for details.