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Pillar caps fit on top of the pillars forming the edge or corner of the wall. Pillars are usually built to add strength to the wall but also can be decorative and are usually slightly higher than the wall it'self. Pillar caps come is a huge variety of shapes and sizes to match the size of the pillar and can be produced at any size although they are cheaper if a standard size is used as they are usually cast from a mould and the mould production has to be taken into account for non-standard caps. Finials are finishing touches that fit on top of the pillar caps and can be almost anything you want them to be, from a simple ball finial, to acorns, pineapples, spanish style finials or even a tub , pot or a statue or ornament. All these items finish your wall in differet ways and your personallity will be shown in your choice, so think carefully.

Caps / Finials