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About Walling

Walls are used in the garden to build a raised bed or feature or to create steps and level areas in a sloping area. They can be built by using brick, new or reclaimed such as Clamp bricks or Wirecut bricks, or by using natural stone. Bricks are pretty standard in their shape and size but natural stone is very variable. Stone walling is less likely to fall apart than brick particularly if it has a backing of soil which can damage all but the hardest bricks. Sandstone and Limestone are the most popular choices for walling stone as these are the materials from which houses are built. Stone can be cropped, dressed, sawn or natural, each having it own particular attributes and qualities. All have their own place and can form coursed walls or random rustic walls or anywhere in between. All you need is a vision of what you need the wall to look like, whether mortared or built as a drystone wall, what colour you need and the quantity. We will probably have the stone for you.