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About Chippings / Gravels

Chippings and Gravels are similar in that they can be used for patios, drives and decorative areas as well as in borders as a ground cover. We class Gravel as naturally formed, usually rounded by water, although not in all cases. Chippings are crushed stone from a quarry, usually angular, and single colours. The angular nature or Chippings means that the stone fits together better than rounded Gravel and so does not move around as much. Shingle is usually from a river or beach and so is rounded like gravel. Gravel, Chippings and Shingle can be Sandstone, Limestone, Quartz, Granite, Basalt, Slate, Marble and Flint among other types of stone and they can be single colour or multi coloured. Ideal for creating colour schemes in your garden.