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About Tiles

Natural stone is usually taken from a quarry in the form of a block which is then cut into sections in order to form the required product. In the case of paving it is mostly split by hand and then shaped into slab size. The finish is a riven or rough face. In the case of tiles, the stone is sawn into the size required. This means it can be thinner in general and of an even thickness making the tiles easier to lay on a prepared base. The surface would be polished, sandblasted or honed depending on the surface required. Tiles are usually more expensive than paving and this is due to the cost of sawing and honing etc., but the stone is the same. Tiles come in Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Slate and Quartzite among others and these can be further split, for example Marble and Travertine are both from a Limestone base.