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Stone comes in many shapes and sizes and is used in different ways dependant upon how it is shaped and finished. Patio paving is usually slab, split through by hand to form a riven flag. There is no reason why this cannot be used as a floor in a kitchen or conservatory, the look and feel would be rustic and perhaps traditional. However the same stone, cut thinner and honed or polished becomes a tile and the result is amazingly different. Tiles can be Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Slate, Quartz and many other varieties although forms of Limestone are the most popular with Travertine, Jerusalem and Egyptian stone showing a huge colour and texture range. Here you will also find hearths for your wood burning stove to sit on, Marble ornaments for your sideboard and even a bespoke service of creating a house sign to be proud of, hand carved and individually selected.