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About Birdbaths / Sundials

To bring birds into your garden is to create natural movement and a closeness to nature that will give you endless hours of enjoyment. Our birdbaths are hand crafted from old Yorkshire stone, cast or of reconstituted stone. The selection gives something for every taste and budget. The sighting of a birdbath, however, is important. The bath should be placed near to cover but where a clear view of any preditors is available. In other words, a bird feels safer when it can see what is coming and has somewhere to go and hide. Birds need to bathe and if birds are not using a birdbath the reason is usually the sighting of the bath. Sundials are generally used as a feature, a focal point or a visit point, that is, a reason to go to a particular part of a garden. These features make you want to wander round your garden, if you can see it all from one place you are unlikely to wander but if a feature gives you some intrigue your garden will become more interesting and you will use it more frequently and get more enjoyment from it. We stock a good range of sundials and armillaries along with plinths and columns.