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Aggregates, generally, is a term used to denote the material mixed to create concrete. These materials, the sand, gravel and the cement are aggregates . We split the material into more specific products. The gravels are usually from a gravel pit where water has been involved to round the stone. Larger stones are sometimes crushed so not all the gravel is rounded and Flint chippings are sometimes called golden gravel. Shingle is gravel from a river bed or sea-shore and Chippings are crushed angular stones from a quarry. All these materials can be decorative or used to make concrete. The Chippings come in many colours and a variety of materials, namely Granite, Basalt, Quartz, Limestone, Whinstone, Sandstone, Marble and Slate. The size range of our aggregates is from 6mm to 10-14mm to 15-20mm Larger than 20mm would be classed as a pebble if rounded and can be found under pebbles, cobbles and boulders Drive gravel is a well used term although it is noted that gravel is rounded and can move around on a drive whereas, chippings, being crushed and angular fit together better and are less likely to move. Slate chippings are generally quite flat and also does not move as much as gravel.

Aggregates / Rockery